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Aquatica SeaWorld's Water Park





Aquatica Features and Updates:

  • Ihu’s Breakaway Falls features the tallest free-fall drop for a water slide in the U.S.
  • This water park is a spin-off creation by SeaWorld
  • The park is located across the street from SeaWorld Orlando

Aquatica Little Known Facts:

  • There are a total of three Aquatica water parks: Orlando FL, San Antonio TX and Chula Vista CA

Aquatica SeaWorld Water Park

Aquatica water park is Orlando’s most refreshing attraction with amazing water slides and splish-splash attractions.

Not wanting to fall behind other theme parks in Orlando, SeaWorld created one of the most amazing water parks in the world right across the street from their adventure park. Since it opened in 2008, the park has welcomed thousands of visitors every day who come to both relax and enjoy the thrills that it offers.

The latest addition to Aquatica is Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, which now makes the claim of being the tallest free-fall slide in the U.S. Named after the colorful mascot gecko of the same name, Ihu features a drop of 80 feet, of which 40 of them are in free-fall mode. Since it opened in 2014 Ihu’s Breakaway Falls has become the star of Aquatica water park.

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