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Discovery Cove by SeaWorld Orlando






Discovery Cove Features and Updates:

  • Discovery Cove is located across the street from its older sibling, SeaWorld Orlando Adventure Park
  • Admission for the park offers a day-long experience for the entire family
  • Parking is free at Discovery Cove
  • The swim-with-dolphins experience is about 30 minutes in length, following a brief 10-minute orientation on how to behave and interact around these mammals

Discovery Cove Little Known Facts:

  • Many of the fish and creatures living at Discovery Cove are bred within the park
  • The temperature of the water in all sea life habitats is kept at around 86 degrees Farenheit—all year long!
  • If you plan to participate in live experiences (as in swimming with dolphins) you will be provided a wet suit by park staff

Discovery Cove by SeaWorld Orlando

Discover a place so amazing that you can swim with dolphins and experience sea life first hand—and it is brought to you by SeaWorld.

You can visit any Orlando theme park, take pictures and post them all over social media. That’s what everyone does for the most part during their Orlando vacation. However, at Discovery Cove your family can enjoy the experience of a lifetime with Orlando’s most exclusive and life-changing attractions where you can see, feel and touch some of the most incredible sea creatures known to man.

At Discovery Cove, there is so much more than swimming with bottlenose dolphins. In fact, there is a massive coral reef where you can snorkel and weave your way through it to discover a myriad of colorful tropical fish. Also, thanks to a dividing clear barrier, Discovery Cove guests can see and swim alongside stingrays and sharks in a way no other aquarium or water park can—and that is an experience that will change your perception of sea life forever.

Discovery Cove also features an aviary with hundreds of birds and the amazing Grand Reef, where you can experience the amazing SeaVenture, which takes you on an underwater trek on the bottom of the sea. And yes, there are plenty of photo sessions as well as the opportunity to have staff take pictures with their own underwater cameras so you can be the envy of your friends in social media.

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