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Hollywood Studios Features and Updates:

  • Star Tours has been updated since the release of the prequel trilogy, with new characters and scenes from the Star Wars franchise.
  • The “Frozen Summer Fun” is a celebration of Disney princesses based on the “Frozen” movie and includes an ice-skating rink.
  • The Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror is one of the most popular attractions of all time in all of Orlando’s Disney theme parks.

Hollywood Studios Epcot Little Known Facts:

  • It is rumored that a Star Wars-themed land could be in the works at this theme park, now that Disney owns Lucasfilm.
  • Every winter, and particularly during Christmas time, snow falls on New York St. in the Streets of America themed land.
  • The park was originally named “MGM Studios” but was rebranded in 2008 by Disney President Meg Crofton in a renaming ceremony.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Every corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios delivers an action-packed punch full of movie and TV show excitement for the whole family. 

Walt Disney’s dreams were not limited to fantasy and future worlds, aiming at bringing wondrous diversity to the theme park world he envisioned. Disney’s Hollywood Studios was designed to connect visitors with characters, places and scenes from some of the most memorable movies and television shows Tinseltown has ever produced.

As soon as you step through the gates of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will be immersed in the magic of the early days of film making, taking a stroll through streets that double as live sets for TV commercials, sitcoms and motion pictures. You also get to experience live performances from memorable characters with plenty of photo opportunities.

Immerse yourself in the intergalactic adventures of Star Tours or take a walk on the wild side with Indiana Jones. Or if you prefer, scare yourself to the pants with the free-fall drop of Tower of Terror. You can also take a trip down Memory Lane in The Great Movie Ride, which features The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca and many more movie classics.

Hollywood Studios features the following themed lands:

  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Echo Lake
  • Streets of America
  • Animation Courtyard
  • Pixar Place
  • Sunset Boulevard

The theme park is also home to some of the East Coast’s Walt Disney Imagineering studios, which support the California headquarters in many of its creative projects. That said, Disney’s Hollywood Studios contains active stages used for filming movies and TV shows.

Disney Hollywood Studios is ready for your arrival. All you have to do is book your Orlando vacation with us by calling toll-free at 1-844-831-4924!