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SeaWorld Orlando Adventure Park






SeaWorld Orlando Features and Updates:

  • The latest major enhancement at SeaWorld Orlando is Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which features a live penguin exhibit at the end of a ride through the story of a young penguin followed into adulthood.
  • The SeaWorld SkyTower is its most visible icon from afar. With a height of 400 feet, visitors who ride its double-deck elevating pod can see all around Central Florida, allowing you to spot other theme parks from Disney and Universal Studios.
  • Looking to find more ways to entertain water-loving guests, SeaWorld opened the Aquatica water park in 2008, across the street from the original theme park.

SeaWorld Orlando Little Known Facts:

  • During the months prior to the launch of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, SeaWorld executives were told not to shave and grow beards to resemble an expedition crew assigned to explore the South Pole, adding to the fun of opening this new ride.
  • You could say that this marine-themed water park was the second Orlando theme park since it opened in 1973 soon after Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Today, SeaWorld has sister parks in San Diego CA and San Antonio TX with plans to open a new park in the Middle East–possibly in Dubai UAE.

SeaWorld Orlando

The marine world comes alive at SeaWorld Orlando, where you can see, feel and experience everything from sharks and dolphins to penguins and flamingos.

Among SeaWorld Orlando’s most notable attractions are a wide variety of first-contact exhibits where guest can have up-close experiences with some of the park’s most amazing inhabitants. There is a Dolphic Up-Close Tour where you can touch and learn from these amazing sea mammals. A similar tour is available but with penguins in a frigid environment in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin section of the park.

If you are looking for adrenaline-pumping thrills, you cannot miss riding Manta, a unique roller coaster that let’s you “fly” through air and water. Another amazing roller coasting experience is the Kraken, which offers twists and turns as well as high speed drops from a height of over 140 feet. And if you like the butterflies in your stomach from high speed drops, you should be sure to experience Journey to Atlantis, a water ride full of adventure and excitement.

SeaWorld Orlando is divided into a diverse group of “worlds” to include:

  • Key West
  • Shamu’s Happy Harbor
  • The Waterfront
  • Wild Artic
  • Sky Tower
  • Antarctica (Newest Addition)

With the launch of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, SeaWorld Orlando has elevated the experience level of its guests to new heights, combining both a live ride and cold environment exhibit. The new ride and “world” in SeaWorld Orlando has been the talk-of-town as thousands of penguin enthusiasts have flocked to this marine-themed park since it opened in 2013.

Curiously, when Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin first opened many penguins were as curious as the guests who came to see them. Some of them were in fact so intrigued by humans that they jumped into the “exhibit floor” to mingle among the people. Due to this,  SeaWorld had to increase the height of the barrier between them and the guests to prevent this behavior from causing harm to the frigid critters. That said, it can be argued that SeaWorld has become both an attraction for humans as much as for its plethora of creatures.

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